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STORY Magazine

I’ve been a magazine junkie since my first visit to Stamper Bros grocery in small town Olive Hill Ky. They had the best selection in town, probably 10-15 titles. But they had the essentials. Hot Rod, Truck’n, High Times and Soldier of Fortune if you were lucky. Since my childhood was pre-internet magazines served as my window to the outside world and I’ve studied and hoarded them ever since.

STORY is a new magazine directed at readers in Kentucky who are interested in Kentucky life that often falls outside the bounds of traditional media. We like to cover things you may have never heard of but we know you need to know about. Anything from arts, music, new business, community engagement and innovation. We got it covered.

Laying out these pages is a blast and an honor, watching the magazine grow into so many people’s lives is very rewarding. Look for it on shelves in Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Joseph-Beth, Morris Book Store and Carmichael’s.

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