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I am currently the Senior Art Director at Cornett IMS an advertising and marketing firm in Kentucky. We handle such clients as A&W, Eagle One, Keeneland, Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare among other Bourbons.

I am also the Creative Director and Designer for STORY magazine, a state wide Kentucky publication. Look for it on shelves in Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Joseph-Beth, Wal-Greens, Morris Book Store and Carmichael’s

Salt & Grain is where I share past work and some present side projects. Why the name Salt & Grain? I come from New England Fishermen and Southern Cattlemen. It was a natural fit. Stop by often and check out the journal section for new content.

My work has recently been spotted on Neatorama .NET Magazine, NOTCOT, Jezebel, Wonderwall, Mashable, Design Work Life, FFFFOUND, French Paper Sampler Room, Fookcover, Lovely Stationery and others.

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